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My favorite thing to do

Crack me open

Rip me tender

Let these beautiful words

Flow through me

With the utmost surrender

Don’t let me succumb

To the fear

I belong here

I was born to write here

On this Earth

This amazing beautiful Earth

That blossoms with gifts

And sings with beauty

Let me be here

To experience it

In all its glory

May I write until

The end of my time

May I always connect with the Divine

Through this gift of mine

Write me tender

Write me true

There is no gift i’d rather have than you

An ode to the words

An honoring of the sentences

Strung together

With nothing

But mental glue

And Love

A whole lot of love

Put together to bring you

Some thoughts on paper

What's left to do

But share some thoughts on paper

Eloquently, beautifully

My best healing process

The way to overturn the blue

Write. It. out.

And then there’s nothing left to do

It's on the paper

Only for you to savor

It's all lovely

Just as it's meant to be

It all rings true

A gift just for me

And maybe you

To savor

To soak in with pleasure



My gift

To me

Whenever I please

My life force


Never ending

A new beginning

A rebirth every day

A way to say

Thank you to my memories

My existence

My follies

Let them all be shared

In the name of vulnerability




Revealing my heart

For the world

To take part

Revel in the magic

Read the tragic



More please

Is what they’ll say

When I’m a published author

One day!


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