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The fire.

The anger

The rage

Feels like swallowing fire


In a cage

Release me pain

Let me out

Of this game

I’m going insane

Swallow me whole

Chew me up

Grind me into nothing

Life is not worth


I can barely

See anything


By the darkness


Except with

The intensity

That could burn down

A thousand cities

Let me be free

Anger, you are not me

Release from my body

Or I’ll die trying

To escape thee

Rage you are not me

I am free

Your grasp takes

No hold on me

I’ll fight this

Until mortal enemies

I want to live

I will be free

Freedom starts with me

I release you

From the chokehold

I have on you

I am done fighting

With you


I love you too

You taught me

How to feel

Especially when it’s so

Fucking real

Viscerally there

The pain going


Deep rooted and stuck


And then

When I feel you

You move


It hurts

Like throwing up


The pain

Like ants in my veins

Brings me to my knees

I weep

Longing to end the blame

And shame

That comes

With not seeing this through


Out my body

I am ready

You’ve gotten so fucking heavy

Just sitting there

Waiting for me to care

I feel you now

Sacred fire

Whispering to me

Who I really want to be

Showing me how


It is

To smother

This shit

It all comes out

One way

Or another

I’d rather it not

Be on each other

So I feel

To heal

And let this anger


Showing me once more

That I am alive

That from these ashes I will thrive

A Phoenix rising

Like the Sun

This fire brings

Warmth to everyone

Thank you

My anger

My fire

Blazing my path

Towards my heart’s deepest desires


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