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A New Day.

A joyful morning

A cheerful bird song

A meditation in the hammock




All day

I could stay this way




No problems

Until I create them

Then solve them

In one side

Out the other

Every day this way

Working on my habits


and Emotions

Wondering when

I'll release myself

From prison





What's to stop me from being?

Aren't you seeing?

I'm just existing.



why does it feel so lonely?

Why can't I shake

This unbearable dread

that I made a huge mistake?

Why can't I remember

why I'm even here?

It's like I baked a cake

and have no one to share it with

Drowning in loneliness

Why have I created

a life of isolation?

What's the reason?

Oh yeah.

Because I'm crazy

Bat shit crazy

Relationships are hard for me

Always have been

No longer have to be

It's like all my sins

Come out in one big scene

Yeah, it's ugly

Who would want to Love me?


And then.........

A whisper in the back seat

"I do"

Really soft and sweet

"Who is that?" I demand.

"Please, raise your hand"

And I look

deep down and see

Oh yeah, it's me

It's me that wants to Love me.

Imagine that

My own fan

My confidante

and sweet friend

Ready to love me

Ready to hold my hand

Through whatever happens

it doesn't matter

because nothing can shatter

the Love between

myself and me.

Ah, just another day.

A new day.

Just for me

and deeper self-discovery.

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