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The Darkness in Me

The Darkness in Me

Wants to breathe

It wants to take up space

And have me see

All it’s beauty

And it’s grace

The darkness in me

Wants to rest

Without the unrest

Of making it be

Something else


The darkness in me

Is not here to hurt me

But show me


There is peace

In the stillness of the night

There is peace

Where others see fright

There is peace

Welling deep inside me

Underneath all the

Pain and hurt

That resides in me

The darkness is full of gifts

That others cannot see

Only me

Can source them

Resurrect them

Into beauty

The darkness

Connects me back

To me

Sans all external


And miseries

The dark is where

I can hear

My own heart beat

The silence

Returns me

To me

The darkness


At me

To stop


to make it be

What it is not:

Bright and beaming




All expectations

Of what darkness

Seems to be

Stop beating it


Into submission

Just let it breathe

Let it be

The darkness fills me


And I am okay

I know my way

My inner flame

Guides me

Soft and glowing


the way

And sometimes I stay

In the quiet of the night

And pray

Pray for the light

To shine bright

When it is ready

Only when it is ready

To expose the night

With too much light

Before the sun is ready to rise

Creates an ugly sight


The dead

And the chaos of the darkness

Waking up the restful

Stealing the blissful

Peace of slumber

Instead I wait

I wait for the sun to come

It always comes

The sun always shines

It rises when it’s ready

Like a steady


Abundant and bright

Filling the night

With the light

Of day

The warmth

Reminds me

It’s okay

To stay right where I am

And to keep moving forward

One step at a time

While I can see

Because when the night comes again

It’ll be just me

And my heartbeat


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