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Take Your Power Back.

I went to an amazing dinner party over the weekend. I had no expectations and showed up with an open heart.

What I found was six beautiful women having a unique human experience.

Although we shared very dissimilar beliefs, we did this magical thing where we didn’t let it get in the way of connecting with each other. We then did this extraterrestrial thing where we also didn’t suppress, hide from, or feel too fearful to enter into the depths and darknesses of the “difficult conversations.”

At the conversation’s peak moment, I felt like we could run the world. The energy between all of us flowed, we remained open and understanding and told our ego’s they have no place here.

Each woman was able to share (if she chose) a part of them that perhaps they’ve been hiding from others or the outside world. It was truly a moment of beauty, safety and connection.

What a beautiful experience I’ve been craving!

Why Aren’t We Talking About It?

Here’s the thing, there's no “one size fits all” approach to life right now. We are all using our unique set of tools, experiences, and backgrounds to navigate our way through an incredibly chaotic and confusing external world. There’s no right or wrong way to handle it.

The government and media is trying to make the world black and white, with two sides only. (Democrat vs. republican, vaccinated vs. not vaccinated, “loves” abortion vs. “hates” abortion) and then they take the battle even further and make it “pro” and “anti” further increasing the conflict.

The current system makes sure that if you have a belief, you simultaneously choose to also be against another belief or group of people.

The truth is, most of us exist somewhere in the middle!

And the problem is, only the extreme sides are screaming about it!

We mostly live in the gray area and our beliefs are multi-faceted and very situational. Sure you may strongly believe in doing no harm to others and have a core belief that you will not kill someone, but then, what if your family was under extreme duress and the only way to protect your family and keep them safe is by taking the life of the perpetrator?

There is no one way, all the time.

So where does politics allow for this space and room to breathe? I surely can’t find it.

Find Your Truth

There is a truth of reality and those exists in the world as facts. The trust is what actually happened. Not the story, misbelief, or opinion. What happened. Plain and simple. The problem is, we don't know the truth right now. A lot of us don't know what's actually happening. We don't know the facts, the plain and simples. And that is when everything from just about every angle enters the perspective. And it's all bullshit.

Because if you are discussing anything other than the facts, it's not real. It's opinions, biases, traumas, perspectives all arguing with each other. As a collective we seem to be outsourcing our truth. We rely on others to tell us what is true instead of trusting in ourselves to know the wisdom that is available to us at any time.

The problem happens when all messages are taken as truth, without recognition of deeper understanding and knowledge around it. When you lack the internal processing to break down, examine, question, be curious about, and discover whether something is true or not, everything that enters your field will feel like a hard fact (and you’ll also likely think the world is ending every day because you’ll be so destabilized by the wide range of beliefs you are accepting as truth).

We have to learn to trust our intuition and find what feels true for us when we aren't sure what to believe or not to believe. There is no right or wrong. That's part of the system. It’s not about finding the “right” news source or not watching any of the "wrong" ones entirely, it’s about looking within to understand what feels good for you.

It's also important to understand what type of processing you have in place that filters every message you receive. What are your biases? What experiences might be influencing your opinion? What beliefs are yours and which are beliefs that were handed down to you? What knowledge, research, or experiences do you have in this area? How does the information you are receiving feel in your body?

Understanding our own unique, divine system and processing, we get to the truth of the matter, no matter where the information is coming from. m

The World Cannot Protect You From Yourself

Embracing your own source of truth takes your power back from all external sources of information.

No longer can someone tell you what is right or wrong, what is truth and what is fake, what you “should” buy, do, or go see. Because you already know what is best for you.

We have to stop expecting corporations to have our best interest in mind because spoiler alert, they don’t. Most huge corporations exist to make as much of the product/service available to as many people as possible in order to make as much profit as possible.

I don’t trust big corporations as far as I can throw my shoe. (*cough* Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johsnon *cough*)

It’s important that we understand the mission behind big corporations so we can make informed decisions around what they are offering. Why are they offering this? How was it made? Is it my choice and my choice alone to consume the product or offering?

To blindly accept what others tell you to do is like baking yourself a birthday cake and then giving it to the highest bidder. It’s like giving away your love, care, and attention with no respect to yourself! You become like a puppet on a string, never knowing what your pre-determined move will be next.

I choose to take my power back.

I choose to speak up, with the intention to share my unique experience in the hopes that it makes someone else feel less alone during this incredibly isolating time.

The extremes are screaming the loudest and we gray area people are staying silent.

I choose to talk about it.

Not from my ego, but from my heart. From a place of honesty and vulnerability. Even if we don’t agree, let’s talk about it!

Because at the end of the day, human connection is what makes humanity grow stronger. And strength in humanity is what I believe is so necessary right now. Remembering that we are all just souls in a meat suit spinning over a thousand miles per hour on a big rock we call Earth.

We’re all just doing our best!

And what if, instead of seeing opposing views as a place to shut down or turn away, we see it as an opportunity to find our center, open our mind, connect to our heart, and enter the conversation with courage.

I’ll bet if we can do this, we can heal the world.


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