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Mother Earth

I drain my blood

Into the core

Of Momma Earth.

She transmutes it

And turns it to love

Giving it to those who need it


Through her roots

Up to their roots

Into their divine spines

Giving them all the key codes

To light their soul

Up from within

To commit less sins

And instead


Love and goodness

Back on Momma Earth

For she is worth

Every ounce of love

That we can give her

We will never outlive her

This is her home


Long after our


The stars will still exist

Long after us

So let’s choose to coexist

And not make a fuss

About whats right or wrong

Let us act from love

Because when we die

We become part of the stars above

Or the trees below

No one really knows

Where we go

But what I do know

Is that we are here for now

So lets make sounds

And play all day

In weird and wild ways

And commit to loving more

Ourselves, others and living creatures too

No one should feel like poo on a shoe

Let us love even the tired and “dirty” ones

Lift each other up and your vibration will sore too

No one is better than me or you

Mother Earth is always here for you

When you feel sad or blue

You can give Her that too

She wants it all

She wants to provide for you

And in return we should look out for her too

Let's start small

A little goes a long way

The more you connect to her, the more she gives away

She wants to show you all she can do for you

If you let her guide you

Without her guidance

I would not know such beauty and love and grace

I would not know such emotions could take place

So deep in my heart

We are born with so much love from the start

And then society twists and molds us

Our parents make us who they want us to be

It's so hard to be free

It's so hard to live a beautiful life and not drown

In the forced thoughts and beliefs held around town

Of course Mother Earth doesn’t trust us

We are greedy and needy and always want more

We want to suck her dry at the core

No wonder she is killing us off left and right

Doesn’t anyone see how little might

it takes her?

For us to enslave her

is such a joke

She can kill us all

in one big choke

She is our life supply, our bloodline

She is the air we breathe and the food we feed

our children with

She gives us so many gifts

It's a wonder she doesn’t make us all plunder in plight

She doesn't

Because she loves us

She wants to provide for us

She wants to give to us

She's fed up because we are hurting her too much

We are taking too much and giving back too little

The imbalance is too much

She can’t continue

She has to shake things up

From the ground up

Fires, flood, hurricanes and viruses too

This is just the start of what She can do

If we keep taking from her core

She will show us j

What it’s like to never see a beautiful sky anymore

We’ll all be trapped in clouds of darkness

Hanging over us

Dooms day will come

If we do not become a more connected people

To the ground and the land

Let her show you the way

So that we can all stay

Living on this beautiful Earth

And grow seeds of abundance

From our self worth

Momma Earth can give you anything

So let’s show her the respect She deserves

Let's start molding the curve

One small step at a time

And in no time

The World will be a different place

For me and for you

And all our sons and daughters too

May we live a life of love and gratitude

It all begins with me

and with you


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