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New Beginnings

It’s 1/11 and of course this is my first blog. The open portal to new beginnings.

As ascension, change and growth are rising in energy, our dreams, intuitions and new projects come to fruition under the alignment of the stars.

With new beginnings comes old endings. It’s important to nurture the wounds you dove deep into this past scorpio season and tend to them before aiming for your next big thing.

Capricorn season gives us the ambition, motivation, and new hope we need to dream big things for the new year.

As the portal opens this new year, we are reminded that more can be done together. The need for community and connection is stronger than ever before and it’s time to honor that instead of hiding from it. Find those who share your goals, dream your dreams, and have a similar visions as you. Everything can be accomplished as one and it all starts with you.

As your individual light grows and raises its frequency, you’ll begin to effortlessly attract friends and beings from other dimensions, creating true unity and inclusion among us all. As you unite with your soul family and other star beings, actions become effortless and “the work” becomes fun. Allow yourself to transform into completeness and wholeness this year.

Warriors, it’s time to rise.

The “virus” has brought it’s challenges to everyone, there is no denying that. Now is the time to speak about these challenges coming from a place of truth and love. Others want to hear about your experience. Through connection and compassion for each other, we can learn to grow together.

It's time for the shadow of humanity to begin being seen and allowed to take up space with the light. It’s okay, there is deep love in embracing the shadows.

It’s time to stop running from fear. Together, we can turn and face the fear with courage, strength, resilience, and compassion. In the face of fear, we can call upon our heart to lead and guide the way. We can ask our hearts, “what does love need right now in this moment?” We can face facts with open-mindedness and curiosity. We can choose to not listen to the loud voices of the media and instead turn within and ask, “does this feel right for me?”

Slowly and very surely, we can ascend by building a bridge back to ourselves. It may take time, energy, attention, and focus. Step by step it can be accomplished.

Brick by brick we lay the foundation to the bridge that takes us to our highest dreams this year. And then, with ease and grace, we glide into our brightest future.

There is nothing that can’t be accomplished this year.

Everything you want to achieve is already here.

Go in love and truth.

With love,



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